180 Day Permit Is No Substitute for Full Motorcycle Endorsement

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Some seasonal riders have avoided getting the Michigan motorcycle endorsement on their licenses by using the state’s 180 day instruction permit. Starting in 2015, those riders’ luck will run out. But the new law will increase the number of trained, licensed bikers on the roads.

To ride a motorcycle in Michigan, you have to take a safety class or riding test and get a motorcycle endorsement on your license. To allow you to prepare for the riding test, Michigan allows new bikers to get a temporary instruction permit. This permit allows new riders to operate a motorcycle under the supervision of a licensed rider, but it does not allow night riding or passengers.

For some seasonal riders, Michigan’s instruction permit was just enough to allow them to avoid ever getting an endorsement. They would get a permit each year and comply with all the other requirements of the law. According to American Bikers Aiming Toward Education (ABATE), 58% of motorcycle crashes in 2012 involved a rider who wasn’t fully licensed.

But starting in 2015, applicants will only be eligible for 2 permits in a 10 year period. The amendment will cut down on unlicensed bikers on the road by encouraging seasonal riders to attend Motorcycle Safety Courses and get their full CY endorsements. By receiving more training, it is hoped that riders will be better equipped to handle their bikes on the road and will suffer fewer accidents.

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