5 Pedestrian Safety Tips for Winter

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Pedestrian Safety Tips - Christensen Law

As the weather turns colder and the first snows fall, pedestrians on Michigan sidewalks find themselves at a higher risk of accidents. If you are walking this winter, remember these tips for pedestrian safety during the snowy season.

1. Use High-tread Boots

Ice and snow covered sidewalks and streets and can make walking treacherous. Even if you are only walking from your car to the door you could take a fall and be seriously hurt. Pick snow boots with high treads to improve traction and help you keep your footing.

2. Wear Bright Colors

Winter means that the days are shorter and the evenings are darker than they were a few months ago. Your morning jogs or your evening dog walks will be at night when it is harder for drivers to see. Pick a winter coat with bright colors and reflective panels to help drivers see you and keep you safe in crosswalks and driveways.

3. Stick to the Sidewalks

When the snows come, it can be tempting to walk in the roads which have been plowed instead of trudging through your neighbors’ unshoveled sidewalks. But walking on the roads, even on the shoulder, puts you at much higher risk of injury. Stick to the sidewalks and put a buffer between you and the cars.

4. Face Traffic

Any time you are walking close to cars, including on an attached sidewalk, make sure you walk on the left side of the road. That way you will be facing the cars traveling closest to you and will better be able to react if a driver loses control on the ice and snow.

5. Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

Winter means increased risks for pedestrians and drivers alike. Particularly, ice and snow can cause drivers to lose control and veer off the roads and on to sidewalks. As pedestrians fight the cold, they often wrap their heads in warm and wooly hats, hoods, earmuffs, and scarves. But these head coverings can interfere with pedestrians’ ability to see and hear traffic around them. Make sure your peripheral vision is clear and you are alert to vehicles nearby.

Winter can be a challenging time for pedestrian safety. Inclement weather can make walking treacherous and can increase the risk of vehicles entering walkways including sidewalks and cross walks. But exercising these pedestrian safety tips can reduce the risk of getting hurt in the ice and snow.

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