A Halloween Warning Against Pedestrian Accidents

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Halloween is a fun time for children of all ages. It also greatly increases the number of pedestrians walking along and across residential streets around dusk. Here are some tips for drivers and parents to keep trick-or-treaters safe.

When else but Halloween can kids dress up in scary costumes and run through neighborhoods collecting candy? This tradition is great fun for kids of all ages, and can be a great way to get to know the children in your community. Because Halloween brings children out onto the streets, it is important for parents and drivers to be safe to prevent pedestrian accidents that could ruin the holiday for all involved.

Drivers Should Be Extra Vigilant Around Halloween

With so many more children on the streets, drivers need to be extra vigilant. Do your research and know when the trick-or-treating is happening in your neighborhood. If possible, stay off the roads during those hours. If not, turn your lights on and drive slowly to give kids extra time to move out of your way.

Trick-or-Treaters Should Carry Flashlights or Reflectors

Halloween costumes are often dark colors which make vampires and superheroes hard to see. Parents should do everything they can to make their children visible to neighborhood drivers. Arm your trick-or-treater with a flashlight or reflective costume. That way motorists will be more likely to see them and avoid pedestrian accidents.

Choose Costumes Carefully

For some children, the best part of Halloween is getting to choose their costume. But some popular costumes have masks that obscure a child’s vision. If your trick-or-treaters want to wear a mask, make sure it doesn’t block their peripheral vision or interfere with their ability to see cars coming on the roads.

Parents Should Stay Nearby

On Halloween, kids like to run freely between houses to get as much candy as possible. But parents shouldn’t take the night off either. Stay close and supervise your children as they trick-or-treat. You can serve as another pair of eyes and watch out for drivers.

Pedestrian accidents will ruin any Halloween celebration and can cause serious injury to kids and parents alike. Parents and drivers should take special care to protect trick-or-treaters and keep them safe this holiday weekend.

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