Abuse in Detroit Schools: When Should You Call a Lawyer?

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Child Abuse at School in Michigan - Christensen Law

Not every teacher and adult who works inside of a school is trustworthy. Some adults take advantage of children and their innocence. These individuals cause a variety of harm and have the potential to commit heinous acts that scar children for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, abuse is a rampant problem within many Detroit schools that refuses to go away.

Every day, countless children lose their innocence and are forced to deal with various forms of physical and emotional trauma. Even into adulthood, some children will have to find ways to cope with their childhood trauma, and this can negatively impact their future.

If your child is the victim of abuse at school, you must take action as soon as possible. However, what are the signs of violence, and when should you call a lawyer?

The Multiple Forms of Child Abuse

Your child can suffer abuse in multiple ways. Verbal abuse is one of the most impact forms of child abuse. The things you say and the way you communicate with a child matters. Offering nothing but negativity and discouragement can destroy a child’s confidence and sense of identity.

The same is true when talking to teenagers and even adults, but children are incredibly vulnerable to this type of abuse. Physical abuse, such as hitting, or sexual assault are other forms of child abuse. Adults who prey on school children will take advantage of their power over their students and even threaten their victims with acts of violence or worse.

How to Spot Child Abuse

Strange marks or bruises or a sudden change in behavior are telltale signs of child abuse. If you suspect abuse, examine your child’s body for signs of physical trauma. If your child complains about soreness or discomfort in private areas of their body, take their claims seriously.

You must also listen to how they discuss the treatment they receive from their teachers. Be thorough with your questioning and examination of your child.

The Right Time to Call a Child Abuse Lawyer

If you suspect that your child is suffering from abuse at their school, call the police immediately. The proper authorities will investigate your child’s injury and ensure that the people responsible for hurting your child are caught and brought to justice. This will also ensure that no other children are subjected to the abuse.

After contacting the police, it’s wise to reach out to a child abuse attorney that can help you and your child obtain justice. A child abuse lawyer will help you gather evidence and build a convincing case against those responsible for your child’s injuries.

Speak With a Child Abuse Lawyer

Christensen Law is here to help your child obtain justice and compensation for their damages. The probability of your child suffering from significant emotional and physical trauma is tremendously high following any form of abuse.

By calling 248-213-4900, you’ll begin the healing process for you and your child. You can also fill out the confidential contact form below to speak with one of our trusted attorneys.