Allegations of School Abuse at Fort Recovery School

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Fort Recovery High School has had a few separate instances of school abuse over the past decade. These incidents have involved the school’s basketball teams and both physical and sexual abuse on behalf of both coaches and players. Whether your child experiences abuse in the form of hazing, statutory rape, or inappropriate touching, it’s never acceptable at school or in any other setting.

Children don’t always come forward when they’ve experienced abuse at school. They may feel shame or feel that reporting the abuse will get them in trouble. As a parent, it’s important to notice signs of abuse and take action when you think abuse is occurring. A Mercer County school abuse lawyer from Christensen Law can support you in taking legal action against the abuser and the school.

Hazing Rituals at Fort Recovery School

One allegation of abuse discovered at Fort Recovery School came in the form of an annual basketball hazing ritual. This ritual has taken place for nearly two decades at a summer basketball camp in which youth members of the team were physically and sexually abused using a “spirit stick.” Some adults in the community have been accused of helping cover up this ritual over the years.

If your child has knowledge of or been a victim of this crime, it’s essential that you come forward and help put a stop to this terrible tradition. It’s likely that many older teammates abused young teammates through this hazing ritual over the years and have been hesitant to come forward due to fear of being excluded from the team; however, it’s imperative that this abuse come to a stop.

Physical and Sexual Abuse of Basketball Players at Fort Recovery

Aside from the hazing rituals performed during summer basketball camp, there have been letters released by one of the basketball coaches at Fort Recovery School admitting that the younger players have experienced both sexual and physical abuse by older players throughout the year. It’s the responsibility of the school to take care of all children taking part in school sports.

If an older player on the basketball team abused your child, you may sue both the older child in juvenile court and the school board for not preventing the abuse from occurring.

Contact a Mercer County School Abuse Attorney

Whether you suspect that your child’s abuse occurred while playing sports at Fort Recovery School or you believe another faculty member abused your child, coming forward with your allegations can be the key to recovering a settlement for your child and getting them the treatment they need to heal. Filing a lawsuit against the assailant can also help prevent further abuse from occurring in the future.

A Mercer County school abuse lawyer from Christensen Law can assist you through every step of your claim. To schedule a free consultation with a member of our team and discuss your case in greater detail, fill out the contact form below or call 248-213-4900.