Ann Arbor No-Fault Accident Lawyer

Being injured in a car crash is a difficult experience, and the repercussions can add to the struggle. An Ann Arbor no-fault crash attorney can relieve some of the burden by helping you file your no-fault auto insurance claim.

Vehicle crash injuries can range from very minor to extremely serious. When you’re filing a claim with your insurer for a fender-bender, you should have little to no problem obtaining the compensation you need. Filing a claim for a collision with serious injuries, however, can be a much more difficult process.

Why is it so difficult? Because you’re suffering physically and emotionally from your ordeal, and in that state, you aren’t in the best condition to negotiate with your insurer to get the full compensation owed to you. You must also be able to document all your injuries and medical expenses, as well as account for your wage losses.

Other expenses can accumulate after an accident, and you may forget to include them in your no-fault claim—caregiving services, physical therapy, and mental health treatment, for instance. Hiring an Ann Arbor no-fault accident lawyer from our firm can allow you to recover all the losses you’ve incurred because of your collision.

Understanding No-Fault Insurance in Ann Arbor

If you drive a vehicle in Michigan, you most likely have no-fault insurance and personal injury protection (PIP) benefits—the law requires all drivers to carry this type of insurance coverage. However, you may not fully understand the benefits you have.

No-fault insurance covers your losses, such as medical costs and missed wages, following your crash, regardless of who caused the vehicle wreck.

Theoretically, it should be easy to file a claim and obtain compensation, but insurers don’t always make things easy for you. That’s why getting help from an Ann Arbor no-fault auto wreck attorney can be so helpful.

Why Insurance Companies Make Filing a No-Fault Claim Tough

Your insurance company is supposed to be there to back you up after a crash, but what insurers care most about is making money. They aren’t going to volunteer information to you, and you may not know what kinds of compensation you’re eligible for.

No-fault benefits will provide for your injury-related expenses up to certain limits, such as the following:

  • Missed wages
  • Cost of replacement services
  • Medical expenses
  • Medical transportation costs
  • Disability

What if your injury expenses go over your no-fault insurance coverage limits? If your injuries are very serious, you can go outside of Michigan’s no-fault system and sue the responsible party in civil court to recover your losses. If that’s the route you need to take, a no-fault crash attorney in Ann Arbor can help you file a personal injury claim.

Call an Ann Arbor No-Fault Accident Attorney

After a serious vehicle wreck, the last thing you want to be dealing with is your no-fault auto insurance claim. Getting the maximum compensation owed to you under the law isn’t easy—unless you have legal help. An experienced lawyer will know how to put insurers in their place, especially when they’re trying to take advantage of you.

You don’t have to accept anything less than full compensation from an insurance company you’ve been giving your hard-earned money to. Contact David Christensen Law to speak with an Ann Arbor no-fault accident lawyer in a free case review. Enter your information into the contact form on this page, or call 248-213-4900.