Ann Arbor Distracted Driving Lawyer

Whether it’s because of a cell phone, a conversation, or a hamburger, millions of people are guilty of distracted driving every day. Any kind of driving distraction puts you and the drivers around you at risk of a serious auto accident. Don’t give into the notifications. By putting the distractions away, you could save a life.

Thousands of Michigan residents are injured because of distracted drivers. The Michigan legislature made texting and cell phone use while driving illegal in 2010. But that hasn’t stopped the number of distracted driving accidents from climbing as in-car cell phone use becomes more common.

Why Distracted Driving is so Dangerous

Distracted driving makes a motorist 3 times more likely to get into an accident. And that doesn’t just mean texting. Drivers can be distracted by:

  • Eating and drinking;
  • Passengers;
  • GPS navigational systems;
  • Cell phones; and
  • Text messages.

It doesn’t take long for a distraction to cause a serious injury accident. In the 5 seconds it takes average motorists to send a text, they will have traveled an entire football field on the highway. Just by glancing down at your GPS, you could entirely miss a deer running into the roadway, or a motorcyclist swerving out of the way of a pothole.

Distracted driving accidents can result in particularly serious injuries. Because drivers are not paying attention to the road around them, they are less likely to take corrective measures prior to the collision. In other words, they are most likely driving faster at the moment of impact. A high speed crash is far more likely to result in serious injuries. That makes distracted driving accidents especially dangerous.

Proving Distracted Driving

The auto attorneys at Christensen Law are experienced at proving distracted driving in serious injury accidents. Depending on what was distracting an at-fault driver, that could require:

  • Subpoenas for phone records or text logs;
  • Accident reconstruction experts; and
  • Depositions of drivers, passengers, and witnesses.

All that work is worth it, though. By demonstrating that the other driver was distracted, your trial attorneys will be able to establish “liability” – labeling the other driver as the one at fault. Proving that a distracted driver was at fault for your accident can mean the difference between 3 years of lost wages and permanent disability awards. By taking your case into a Third Party lawsuit, your lawyers can help you collect broader damages, compensating you for more than just economic loss.

Distracted driving puts Michigan motorists at risk of causing serious injury and losing a lot of money. Don’t become part of this growing trend. Pledge to put down the cell phone, eliminate distractions, and keep your attention on the road.