Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Ann Arbor, MI

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Your abuser and others responsible for your abuse should be held accountable for what you’ve been through. Contact an Ann Arbor sex abuse attorney with Christensen Law for help recovering fair compensation.

Sex abuse is a serious crime, and it should be punished in both criminal and civil court. Your abuser should spend time in prison for what you have been forced to endure. In addition to criminal penalties, those responsible for your suffering should be held to account in civil court.

Sexual trauma can leave victims with financial losses, in addition to emotional hardships. The victims of sexual abuse often need medical treatment and mental health services, and they may miss work due to the experience they’ve been put through.

Filing a personal injury claim against any party responsible for your sexual abuse can allow the recovery of compensation for your financial losses, as well as the non-financial losses like your pain and suffering. Your Ann Arbor sexual abuse lawyer will help you file a claim and will handle negotiations on your behalf.

Proving Your Ann Arbor Sexual Abuse Case

When taking an Ann Arbor sexual assault or abuse case to civil court, perhaps the most difficult part is investigating the incident and gathering essential evidence. Your attorney will interview witnesses, gather police reports, obtain video or photographic evidence, and collect the medical proof needed to win your case.

Who Might Be Responsible for a Sexual Assault in Ann Arbor, Michigan?

In addition to the sexual assailant, other parties can be held responsible for the abuse you’ve been forced to endure. For example, if an elder was living in a nursing home and was sexually abused by one of the caregivers, the nursing home could be held liable for the abuse one of the nursing home employees perpetrated.

Unfortunately, those in vulnerable situations, as in the example above, are often victims of abuse—sexual, physical, and emotional.

The responsible institutions should be held accountable for the acts their employees commit so this type of trauma won’t happen to someone else. All organizations should have safeguards in place to prevent anyone from being sexually abused.

Here are a few examples of places where sexual abuse occurs in Ann Arbor and elsewhere:

  • Day cares
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Therapists’ offices
  • Doctors’ offices

Contact an Ann Arbor Sexual Abuse Attorney

Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Ann Arbor, MI - Christensen LawWhen you’ve suffered the trauma of sexual abuse, you may feel as though no one can understand what you’ve experienced. The qualified and caring lawyers at our firm have helped many victims deal with the aftermath of sexual assault, and we understand the unique needs sex abuse victims face.

You want a compassionate attorney to represent you during this difficult time, and you will find one when you contact Christensen Law. You can gain a sense of peace knowing you’ve got someone on your side holding your abuser accountable.

Speak with an Ann Arbor sexual abuse lawyer in a free, confidential case assessment by calling 248-213-4900 or filling out the form below.

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