Ask the Expert: What to Expect at the Initial Client Interview

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Deciding to talk to a lawyer about your auto accident can be intimidating. Find out what to expect at the initial client interview from auto law expert David Christensen.

Recently, the Institute of Continuing Legal Education, one of the top legal training facilities in the state of Michigan, asked top no-fault lawyer, David Christensen for his top tips for other attorneys. But a lot of those tips are great advice for potential clients too. So we asked David Christensen what accident victims can expect when they come in to Christensen Law for their initial client interview.

The initial consultation serves two main purposes: to gather information and to let lawyer and client get to know each other.

The Personal Side of the Initial Client Interview

If you or a family member have been in a serious car crash, and a third party lawsuit has been filed on your behalf, you’re in for a long process. Auto lawsuits can take 18 months to two years, and sometimes even longer. You need to know the person you’re working with is the right one.

The initial consultation is also your first chance to tell your story in a legal context. By developing a good relationship with your lawyer you can learn the best time, place, and way to talk about your accident. During the investigation stage you need to be very careful about what you say on social media or in public. Your attorney can give you guidelines to help protect your claim.

Gathering Information at the Initial Client Interview

Your initial client interview starts even before you walk in the door. Before you meet with a lawyer from Christensen Law, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire. This “homework” gets a lot of the details out of the way so you can spend the time in your interview more wisely. You’ll also be asked to bring along copies of each of your auto insurance policies.

All that homework will help your lawyer get to the root of your case right away. With the details out of the way, you and your lawyer can focus on any potential challenges in the case and on developing a plan for how to get you the recovery you need.

The initial client interview can be stressful for accident victims who don’t know what to expect. But the no-fault experts at Christensen Law have perfected the client interview to help you relax and trust your legal team. If you’re ready to schedule your initial client interview, contact the team at Christensen Law for your free initial consultation today.