Attendant Care

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Do you need help at home because of an auto accident? After a serious car crash you or your family member may be released from the hospital but still need more help at home. The good news is that Michigan’s no fault auto insurance covers attendant care and home health aides after an auto accident.

After you are released from the hospital you may still need help or supervision from a nurse or other medical professional. Often these attendant care providers change bandages, administer medications, and assist with in-home rehabilitation. In less serious cases, a home health aide can assist you with bathing, food preparation, and eating.

Sometimes, especially in brain injury cases, there is an ongoing need for supervision – someone to stay in the home and make sure things are safe. Home supervision provides that person to make sure the stove is turned off, candles are blown out, and your loved one can get to safety in the event of an emergency.

The cost of all these attendant care services are medical expenses covered under every Michigan no fault auto policy and available to every Michigan driver. Whether you use a formally licensed agency to provide 24-7 care, or simply have a family member or friend stay in the home, you can receive compensation for those services at the commercial rate.

If you are facing a serious injury following an Michigan auto accident that may have long-term attendant care needs it is important to bring on an experienced car accident lawyer to negotiate with your insurance provider The attorneys at Christensen Law in Southfield, Michigan, have been representing accident victims for over 20 years, and can help you and your get the attendant care benefits you need.

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