Attorney David Christensen Talks Brain Injury on “The Price of Business”

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Christensen Law’s founder and head attorney David Christensen, one of the top brain injury lawyers in the state, recently shared his expertise with Bill Knapik of “The Price of Business”, helping listeners understand how TBIs and the law connect.

Traumatic brain injury is a highly scientific area of the law requires special treatment both medically, and in court. Attorney David Christensen recently went on “The Price of Business” with Bill Knapik to explain what sets him apart as an expert in the field.

Christensen explained that Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can happen in all different walks of life, from in-home falls to war-time injuries. He explained that everyday people can suffer a brain injury playing sports or in an auto accident.

Brain injuries fall somewhere on a spectrum from mild to severe. Severe TBIs can require a lengthy hospital stay. But in more mild cases, a patient may not even be aware of the injury.

How Brain Injuries Happen

The brain is a delicate organ, made up of 100 billion cells in constant communication. Trillions of messages pass back and forth every day. The brain floats in liquid and is encased by the skull. In a car accident, a whiplash injury can cause the brain to hit the inside of that casing, damaging the cells, and interrupting their communication.

Imagine what happens when a cell tower goes down and part of the country can’t make or receive calls. It sets the rest of the country off. Communications start to break down. The same is true with the brain. A mild traumatic brain injury can disrupt the signals passing through the brain and interfere with a person’s everyday functioning.

But the external symptoms of these injuries can be subtle. A patient may find that over time it becomes harder to concentrate. She may have problems with organization or memory. His job or marriage may just seem to be falling apart.

Detecting Traumatic Brain Injuries

A person’s primary care physician is the first line of defense against brain injuries after an auto accident. But because patients don’t think to mention symptoms like forgetting their keys every time they leave the house, it can take a long time for doctors to recognize the symptoms.

As an auto accident attorney, David Christensen sees clients shortly after their trauma. Because he is trained in the science of TBIs, he knows the questions to ask to help identify those injuries and can connect patients with high quality brain injury treatment systems available here in Michigan.

He also knows how to make the case for traumatic brain injury in court. Because TBI is an invisible illness a brain injury lawyer needs to know how to prove the effect of the injury and get the awards patients need to live their lives.

David Christensen has been handling brain injury cases for over 25 years. If you have suffered a TBI in an auto accident, contact Christensen Law for a free consultation, and find how he can help you too.