Deborah A. Tonelli

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Deborah A. Tonelli is an Associate Attorney at Christensen Law, with offices in Southfield, Michigan and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Deb has worked with Founder David Christensen for 9 years as a contract attorney before joining Christensen Law officially in June 2016. As a key part of the presuit team, Deb will be with you from the very start of your claim.

Presuit Auto Insurance Claims and Negotiations

As an Associate Attorney on the presuit team at Christensen Law, Tonelli meets with new clients after an accident. She helps them file their auto insurance claims, develop their files, and negotiate with insurance company adjusters.

Experience on Both Sides of the Insurance Claim

Deborah A. Tonelli has been an attorney since 1988. Before joining Christensen Law, she worked as an insurance defense attorney, and a plaintiff’s lawyer in personal injury and auto accident cases. With experience on both sides of the insurance claim, Deb is uniquely qualified to negotiate with the auto insurance companies on your behalf.

By bringing a strong negotiator with you to the bargaining table, you can improve the offer, and the settlement you receive from the insurance company. Don’t face the insurance adjusters alone. Tonelli will help you stand up to them and get the no-fault benefits you deserve.

Strong Claims Develop Into Strong Lawsuits

At Christensen Law, it is Tonelli’s job to get your claim resolved without going to court. Unfortunately, all too often, the auto insurance companies will deny valid no-fault claims based on excuses that don’t stand up in front of the judge or jury. That’s why, from day one, Tonelli and the rest of the presuit team develop your case with an eye toward trial.

If it appears your no-fault benefits will not be resolved without a lawsuit, Deb will sit down with you and Founder David Christensen so that you will be fully supported in your transition from presuit negotiation to litigation. Tonelli says:

I love the commitment that Christensen Law brings to their clients. All of the employees believe in the principles of listening, protecting and winning.”

Deborah A. Tonelli, the Person and the Lawyer

A resident of Huntington Woods, Deb is an animal lover. She is the adopted mother of a rescue dog. She also enjoys all forms of art including music, films, and theatre.

Professionally, Deborah A. Tonelli was admitted to the practice of law in 1988. Since then she has worked as an insurance defense attorney, plaintiff’s attorney, and contract lawyer.

Deb and the rest of the team at Christensen Law are committed to bringing your claims to satisfactory resolution quickly and efficiently. Whenever possible, the team seeks to receive no-fault benefits without the need of litigation. Tonelli and her team will work for you and develop your claim so that you can get the recovery you need, in or out of court. If you have been in an auto accident, contact Christensen Law to get Deborah Tonelli to work for you.