Kimberly Martin

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Kimberly Martin is a Lead Legal Assistant at Christensen Law, with offices in Southfield, Michigan and Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has been working for founder David Christensen since July 2015. Medical provider clients may meet Kimberly when you call or visit the Christensen Law offices.

Helping Medical Providers Get Paid

Kimberly is a key part of the Medical Provider Team. Along with Attorney Dustin C. Hoff and Legal Assistants Rashia Randle, Kecha Hayes and Lori Freemean, she works with medical providers’ insurance billing from claim to completion. She helps doctors and hospitals make the most of their no-fault claims.

Whether you are an orthopedic surgeon or an occupational therapist, you deserve to get paid for the work you do helping auto accident victims recover from their injuries. Kimberly and the rest of the Medical Provider Team are dedicated to helping you develop your strongest case against the insurance companies. Kimberly opens and reviews new claims, as well as works with the clients throughout the case to gather the necessary documentation and information needed to make a strong case.

As the lawsuit progresses, medical provider clients can turn to Kimberly for case updates and scheduling. She will make sure you know what is happening in your matter. Kimberly is dedicated to doing the work to protect your billing interests. Kimberly says:

“What I love most about working at Christensen Law is we all pull together to work as a team to reach the best possible end results. Listen, Protect, Win is truly our goal and together we can make it happen.”

Getting to Know Legal Assistant Kimberly Martin

Kimberly has been working in the legal industry since September 2008. With over a decade of law firm experience, she knows her way around a lawsuit.

Kimberly along with her husband and 2 daughters reside in White Lake. She and her family are avid Red Wings and Tigers fans. When she’s not in the office, you might see them cheering on a professional sports team at the local arenas.

Kimberly is an asset to the Christensen Law team. She and her coworkers are ready to help doctors, hospitals, and other medical providers fight for their billing against no-fault insurance providers. If your medical office is looking for an experienced, dedicated legal teamcontact Christensen Law in Michigan to schedule a free consultation to get Kimberly and the Medical Provider Team working for you.