Does Auto Insurance Cover One Car Crashes?

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Not every car accident is a pile up. Sometimes only one car is involved, like when a driver loses control and strikes a median or a nearby house. Does your insurance cover that?

There are lots of reasons people get into one-car crashes. Maybe a new driver learned the difference between drive and reverse the hard way. Or it could be you hit a patch of black ice and struck a light pole.

Or maybe your parking break stopped working, which is what happened to one unfortunate dump truck driver in Pinckney recently. After delivering a load of landscaping boulders, his truck rolled across the front yard where he was making the delivery, and into the front porch of the home across the street.

Does PIP Cover One Car Crashes?

Michigan’s first party no-fault insurance pays all necessary medical costs if you are hurt in a car accident. It doesn’t matter whether the crash involves one car or one hundred. But that insurance is personal injury protection. It pays for medical expenses, work loss, and other costs related to you and your injuries.

What About the Property?

Property Protection Insurance (PPI) is included in Michigan no-fault coverage. It covers damage your car does to other people’s property including legally parked vehicles. For the dump truck driver, PPI will pay for damage to the yard and the porch. But if the damage exceeds the PPI coverage, it could also be covered by supplemental collision or comprehensive coverage.

Does No Fault Cover Your Car?

What about the dump truck itself? Unfortunately, no-fault insurance doesn’t pay for repairs to your own vehicle after an accident, no matter who is at fault. He will have to use supplemental insurance to cover those repairs.

Just because you didn’t hit another car doesn’t mean you are out of luck when it comes to your no-fault insurance. You can use your PIP insurance to cover your injuries and PPI for damage to the building or property you hit. But it’s a good idea to add comprehensive collision insurance to make sure you can get your own car fixed too. If your insurance company won’t cover your one-car accident, contact no-fault expert David Christensen and his team at Christensen Law in Southfield, Michigan for a free consultation.