Avoid Construction This Summer, Plan Your Trips Using MDOT

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The worst way to start a summer road trip is to hit construction on the way out of town. Construction zone accidents involving pavement drop offs kill approximately 160 people and injure 11,000 every year. Over 85% of those injured are motorists, not workers. In 2010, there were 87,606 crashes in work zones, 72% of which resulted in property damage alone. The remaining 28% involved injury or death.

This year, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has no less than 12 major road projects scheduled for Metro Detroit alone. Statewide, there are 100 projects planned. And that doesn’t include the repair work being done by the various local governments as they try to catch up after this year’s record-breaking winter.

But MDOT has provided a tool to help drivers navigate this season’s maze of construction barrels. MI Drive is an interactive map where you can follow construction projects, get warnings of traffic incidents, and see road closures before you set out on your journey. You can also browse projects by major road and see current traffic speeds.

MI Drive is a great tool to help speed you on your way to your summer vacation plans. It will help you avoid unnecessary delays and the risk of collision due to unexpected stops on the freeways. Don’t let your summer road trip hit a speed bump. Plan ahead using MI Drive to avoid accidents and delays.

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