What are the Benefits of No-Fault Auto Insurance?

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There have been a lot of news articles lately pointing out what the authors claim are the problems with no-fault auto insurance. But there must be some reason 16 states, including Michigan, have some form of no-fault insurance. Here are some of the benefits.

All Your Injuries Are Covered

Under Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance law, drivers must have car insurance to cover their own injuries and any damage done to their passengers in case of an automobile accident. In exchange for their payments, accident victims get unlimited reasonable medical benefits. Your no-fault insurance provider is required to cover any medical treatments reasonably related to the car accident, no matter how long it takes you to get better. That can make the difference between emergency care and complete recovery.

You Can Get Your Money Faster

Under traditional fault-based auto law, it can take months and sometimes years for injured drivers to make their way through the court system to get their medical expenses paid for. Under Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance Act, insurance providers have to pay or deny medical claims within 30 days of receiving the bill from your doctor. That means you get your medical expenses paid faster.

You Don’t Have to Know Who is at Fault

Because you recover your damages from your own insurance provider, it doesn’t matter if you were involved in a hit-and-run, can’t track down the other driver, or even if you were the one who made the mistake. There are additional damages that might not be available if you can’t find the at-fault driver, but your medical expenses and lost wages will be covered, no matter who is at fault.

Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance system has a lot of benefits for drivers who face car accidents and life-changing injuries. Even when the expert trial attorneys have to get involved because the insurance providers deny your claims, the system makes it much easier to get your medical treatments covered. If you need help claiming your no-fault insurance benefits, contact David Christensen at Christensen Law in Southfield, Michigan, for a free consultation.