Bicycle Recall for Faulty Quick Release Affects 1.55 Million

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Imagine riding down the road on your bicycle when suddenly the front wheel dislodges and you hit the pavement. That could happen if your bike is one of the 1.55 million included in the recently announced industry-wide bicycle recall.

Thirteen manufacturers recently announced a voluntary bicycle recall of over 1.5 million bikes. In April, Trek discovered a defect in the quick release mechanism which could cause the front wheel to separate from the rest of the bike if the quick-release lever was left open and caught on the front disc brake. Trek announced that three accidents had been caused by the faulty lever, which opened more than 180 degrees, resulting in broken bones, facial injuries, and even paralysis.

The same quick-release device is used by a broad range of bicycle manufacturers, so the recall quickly spread across the industry. Bicycle Product Suppliers Association (BPSA) reached out to industry suppliers and is working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Health Canada and Profeco, the Mexican consumer protection federal agency, on the voluntary recall. Bicyclists can go to or call their manufacturer to see if their bike is affected. The recall has affected:


Company Brand Model Year(s)  Web PagePhone Number 
Accell North AmericaDiamondback,
Advanced Sports InternationalBreezer, Fuji,
Cycling Sports Group Inc.Cannondale,
Felt Racing LLCFelt2006-2015www.feltbicycles.com866-433-5887
G. Joannou Cycle Co. Inc.Jamis2005-2015www.jamisbikes.com800-533-9010, ext. 237
Giant Bicycle Inc.Giant2003-2004www.giant-bicycles.com866-458-2555
Haro BikesHaro2000-2015www.harobikes.com800-289-4276
LTP Sports Group Inc.Norco2000-2015www.norco.com800-263-2344 (Eastern US and Canada)
800-663-8916 (Western U.S. and Canada)
Performance Bicycle Inc.Access2009-2015www.performancebike.com800-727-2453
Quality Bicycle ProductsCivia Cycles2008-2012www.civiacycles.com877-311-7686
Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI)Novara2002-2015www.rei.com800-426-4840
Ridley BikesRidley2014-2015www.ridley-bikes.com877-283-7545
Specialized Bicycle Components Inc.Specialized2002-2015www.specialized.com800-722-4423


If your bike made the list, that means you should check your bike. Bicycle explains:

Consumers are being told to check their bike and see if the quick release is part of the recall. They can do this by applying the #2 pencil test. This involves opening the lever and loosening the front-wheel quick-release cam, pushing the lever toward the brake disc rotor, and measuring the distance between the cam lever and the rotor. If the distance is more than a quarter of an inch (6 millimeters), the QR is not affected by this recall. This can be checked by sliding an ordinary #2 pencil between the cam lever and the rotor. If the pencil cannot easily fit between the lever and disc rotor, consumers must take their bikes to their local shop for a replacement QR.

Bicycle injuries can cause serious harm, including permanent disability. Recalls like these should be taken seriously to protect yourself and your children from the risk of a fall.

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