Big Verdict for Trial Lawyers at Christensen Law Came Through Photos

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Word has spread about Christensen Law’s big win in Wayne County. The case was featured in last month’s Michigan Lawyer’s Weekly and the verdict: the trial lawyers’ expert use of photos made all the difference.

The article by Douglas Levy featured Christensen Law lawyers David Christensen and Sarah Stempky-Kime. Together they helped their client win $17.8 million after she was struck by a cement truck and suffered serious brain and spinal injuries.

Christensen said halfway through the trial they had been concerned. After presenting all their medical experts the jury seemed uninvolved. But all that changed when the attorneys asked their client to tell the jury about 35 pictures showing the life she used to live. Stempky explains:

“We focused as much as we could on communicating to the jury visually. Telling somebody you like to ride a horse is a lot less powerful than showing them a picture of you riding a horse.”

The team followed those pictures with the testimony of a co-worker, a neighbor, a family friend, and their client’s partner, each of which testified about how the accident had changed her life. Christensen said their testimonies helped the jury understand how the client would never live the same as before the accident.

Then Christensen broke everything down for the jury. Rather than ask them to come up with a number for damages,

“I made a list of every harm, every injury, every damage … and put a suggest[ed] value of that injury … past and future.”

The suggestion worked. After deliberating, the jury awarded the plaintiff almost everything he had asked for, returning the largest verdict in Wayne County: $17.8 million. Money that will let the client focus on healing and adjusting to her new life.

No two cases are the same, and a large jury verdict in one case doesn’t guarantee a win in another case. But the Michigan Lawyers Weekly article shone a light on the difference a top litigator can make. If you have been in an auto accident, you want the experts at Christensen Law on your side. Contact David Christensen in Southfield, Michigan for a consultation today.