Biker Dies in Crash

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A twenty-four-year-old motorcyclist from Casco Township died when he collided with a car in the morning hours of August 1. The driver of the car, a nineteen-year-old from New Baltimore, was found disoriented at the scene and taken to a local hospital. Complete details of the crash have not been determined.

Investigation Continuing

Macomb County sheriff’s deputies responded to a 911 call around 6 a.m. in reference to an unoccupied, damaged vehicle on County Line Road. When they arrived, they found the car with its airbags deployed. In the woods nearby, they found the nineteen-year-old, who was taken to a hospital for treatment of undisclosed injuries.

In the woods, officers also found a motorcycle, heavily damaged, and the body of its rider. It was not clear how the accident happened or how long it had happened before authorities arrived on the scene. The only additional detail reported, aside from the name of the biker, is that he was not wearing a helmet.

Improve Your Odds

Michigan law does not require motorcycle operators over age twenty-one to wear helmets, as long as they carry adequate insurance and have been licensed for motorcycle operation for two years (or completed a safety course). Still, safety researchers generally agree that helmets are a good idea.

We can’t know whether wearing a helmet would have saved this man’s life—helmets save only about a third of their users from otherwise fatal head injuries. The crash might also have resulted in major injuries unrelated to head trauma.

Still, our experience with all sorts of motor vehicle crashes has led us to recommend that motorcyclists wear proper safety gear, including helmets, whenever they go for a ride.

A helmet is never going to guarantee your safety, but it improves the odds when something goes wrong. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that if 100 percent of Michigan bikers had worn helmets in 2015, about twenty-three of the 141 motorcyclists killed that year in crashes would have lived.

Awareness Gives You an Edge

Motorcyclists have it rough. Compared to car drivers, bikers have five times the risk of injury and as much as twenty-six times the fatality rate per mile traveled. And while about half of all motorcycle crashes involve only the rider and no other vehicle, the rest are multi-vehicle crashes. Being aware of the risks and taking steps to reduce them can increase your personal safety.

Bikers know that other drivers don’t always look out for them; they make blind left turns, sudden stops, or unexpected lane changes without checking for motorcycles. Knowing to be especially alert to these risks and others makes for a safer ride.

Detroit Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Every year, between 80,000 and 100,000 bikers are seriously injured, and nearly 5,000 are killed in crashes. If you’ve been the victim of a crash, you need a knowledgeable attorney who understands motorcycle accident law on your side as you work to get compensation.

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