Breanne R. Neal

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Breanne R. Neal is a Paralegal at Christensen Law in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has been with the Christensen Law team since November 2016. She helps medical providers collect their billing from auto insurance companies.

Neal is a resident of Warren, Michigan. She is a volunteers for Last Day Dog Rescue, a non-profit no-kill rescue based in Livonia. She has served as the charity’s Board Secretary since January 2016.

With over 6 years of experience in the legal industry, including 2 years in no-fault litigation, Breanne R. Neal knows what it takes to get medical providers the recovery they need. She serves as a Paralegal on the Christensen Law Medical Provider Team with Attorney Dustin C. Hoff to help doctors, hospitals, and other medical providers collect their no-fault benefits.

Breanne works behind the scenes, drafting and e-filing legal pleadings in medical provider cases. She also works with clients to collect medical billing and records to support their claims and satisfy the insurance company’s discovery demands. Neal says:

“I am a problem solver. I love to see how all the pieces come together for successful outcomes for our clients.”

To collect on medical bills, no-fault attorneys, paralegals, and support staff need to be meticulous, and pay close attention to dates, amounts, and services provided. Breanne R. Neal is just the woman for the job. Her experience with the no-fault insurance industry means she knows what they are looking for. She can help you perfect your claim and prove your medical provider no-fault case.

Breanne and the rest of the Medical Provider Team at Christensen Law are prepared to help your doctor’s office, hospital, or treatment facility collect your billing, even in the face of tough insurance defense. If your medical office is looking for a skilled and experienced team to take on your billing issues, contact Christensen Law to schedule a free consultation.

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