How Can You Pay Bills After a Car Accident?

If you’ve been in a car accident, you probably came home to a pile of bills, both medical and household. It can seem overwhelming. But the good news is that there are ways to get your insurance providers to pay bills for you, so you can provide for your family even when you can’t work.

Medical Bills

Michigan’s no-fault insurance laws require your insurance provider to cover all medical bills related to your accident. If you were hurt on the job you may also be entitled to workers’ compensation for your injuries. On top of that, your medical insurance will provide coverage for medical expenses as well.

Make sure to disclose every injury to your insurance providers, including bumps and scrapes, and especially concussions or minor head injuries. Let your medical providers know that your injuries are a result of a car accident and who your insurance providers are. Connecting providers to insurers should take the pressure off you to repay medical bills that should be covered by your car insurance.

Household Bills

Life doesn’t stop just because you have an accident. Even if you can’t work you will still have to pay your rent, mortgage, and other household bills. No-fault insurance has you covered, paying 85% of your gross wages for up to 3 years. Even if you were unemployed when you were hit, you may still be able to get payments based on your most recent employment.

You may also be entitled to no-fault benefits for household assistance. For example, if you aren’t able to do laundry or yard work after the accident, you can be entitled to up to $20 per day for replacement services. But if you want that coverage you will need your doctor to give you a prescription saying it is necessary.

Repair Bills

What about your car? An auto accident can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your vehicle. The at-fault driver is required to cover the first $750 in repairs. After that, your collision insurance, not your no-fault benefits will cover the bill. Be sure to have enough benefits to cover your car. Remember, it will take more to pay for an import or luxury car than a standard coup.

Accessibility Bills

The most serious auto accidents can cause life-changing disabilities. If you suddenly find yourself in need of ramps, rails, or large household modifications because of your disability, those modifications should be covered by your no-fault insurance too.

No-fault insurance will cover a lot of your bills after a car accident. Even the parts that aren’t covered under no-fault insurance are collectible through health insurance, collision coverage, or the at-fault driver. Don’t be intimidated by the stack of bills waiting for you when you get home after an accident. Instead, contact the experts at Christensen Law who can help you cover every one of your bills. David Christensen and his team have decades of auto accident experience to make sure you are paid.