Car Crashes with DDOT Bus, QLine

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Traffic was snarled in downtown Detroit for an hour or two earlier this month when a car was hit by a DDOT bus and then pushed into a QLine streetcar. The car took significant rear-end damage, while the bus received only minor damage near the front door. The QLine was barely touched but two passengers were taken to a medical facility to be checked out as a precaution. One person on the bus was also reported to have minor injuries.

Caused by the Driver?

Even with surveillance video of the scene, it’s not entirely clear what happened. Although the crash might have unfolded differently, it’s been suggested that the driver of the car was trying to swerve around the QLine car, which was stopped at a station and not moving at the time. That may have put the car in the way of the bus. The QLine has been running for only a few months, and Detroit drivers are still getting used to the idea that a lane on each side of Woodward Avenue is used by the streetcar.

Recent Public Transit Incidents

Public transit in Detroit has been involved in its share of crashes. The QLine has only been in service since May, but it’s already been part of several collisions. All seem to have been caused by other vehicles, usually by cars making left turns in front of moving QLine trolleys. The damage has been minor in all cases, with no injuries reported. The line’s operator has also admitted to causing minor property damage, specifically knocking the mirrors off cars that have been parked too close to the right-of-way.

Detroit city buses have also made the news because of dramatic crashes. A car slammed into a bus in August, while last month a bus crashed into the scene of an earlier accident and injured a woman. The most memorable incident, a May crash on Dexter Avenue that was caught on video, left four people injured, two critically, when an SUV blew through a stop sign and hit a passing bus. The impact knocked the bus driver from his seat and caused the bus to plow into a building.

Detroit Bus Accident Lawyer

It’s important to remember that crashes with transit vehicles concern many others besides the drivers and the transit authority. Bus or streetcar passengers can suffer injuries, as can pedestrians or other drivers who just happened to be near the scene.

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