Christensen Law Has Expanded with a New Interior Design

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We are proud to announce that our office has expanded—and in the most eye-appealing way, too! Christensen Law worked with ISCG to create a visually stunning and tasteful interior design that is a true pleasure to work in.

ISCG is a local women-owned design firm that actually started out headquartered in a garage. To look at their offices today, you’d never know it, though!

Their designers were careful to integrate the look and feel of our existing office design into their own work, while still creating something wholly unique. The end result is light-filled and so pleasant that it hardly even feels like an office space.

Even better, much of the artwork used was created by disabled artists. So not only is our workspace filled with amazing, innovative designs, but we were able to support our community in the process. We couldn’t have asked for a better arrangement and end result!

We’ll soon be posting the photos to our Google My Business listing, so you’ll be able to see the new design up close and personal. In the meantime, if you’re considering renovating an office space, we strongly recommend giving the phenomenal people of ISCG a call.