Christensen Law Helps 580 People Get A Safe Ride Home

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This New Year’s Eve, Christen Law’s Safe Ride Home program got nearly 600 people home safely. Founder David Christensen couldn’t be happier.

At Christensen Law, we take drunk driving seriously. We know the harm that can be done by an intoxicated motorist behind the wheel. So last year our founder, Attorney David Christensen, announced the Safe Ride Home program.

Under the program, residents in the Metro Detroit area were able to be reimbursed for cab and Uber rides to their homes on some of the year’s biggest drinking holidays. Over the past year we have offered the program on:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Independence Day
  • Thanksgiving Eve

This New Year’s Eve, the popularity of the program exploded. The sheriffs of Oakland and Genesee counties encouraged their residents to take advantage of the safe ride home, and the word got around. We were featured by the News-Herald in December, reaching thousands of people Downriver. In fact, the article became the paper’s 6th most popular story all year, and was shared widely on social media. Founder David Christensen says:

“The response this time around was huge. . . . This went crazy on social media. We didn’t expect that. . . . You have to think something good came out of that.”

All together, Christensen Law received 580 requests for reimbursement. We got so many requests we had to bring on temporary help and extend the deadline to make sure we responded to everyone. People as far away as Tennessee sent in their receipts (the program was limited to Southeast Michigan).

The Safe Ride Home program promised reimbursement for up to $35 for a one-way trip to a person’s home during the holiday. We received receipts for as little as $7 and as much as $125 (we still only paid $35).

“We just paid them as they came in,” Christensen said.

When the last check was signed, the cab fare for Safe Ride Home had come to over $13,000.

Community support for the program is going too. We had one man who was so impressed with the idea of Safe Ride Home, he came to our office just to drop off a $35 donation. He said he didn’t use the service himself, but wanted to cover the cost for someone else.

With so much support, Christensen Law looks forward to keeping Safe Ride Home around in years to come. We hope that by taking more impaired drivers off the road, we will save more Michigan residents from becoming the victims of drunk driving accidents.