Christensen Law Wins $17.8 M Verdict in Brain Injury Case

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Brain Injury and No-Fault Insurance law experts David Christensen and Sarah Stempky-Kime received the largest ever personal injury jury verdict in Michigan on June 11, 2014. The jury awarded their client $17,810,734.00 in damages after a serious car accident left her unable to live independently.

On September 17, 2010, a 36 year-old woman was rear ended by a cement truck on Telegraph Rd. The driver of the cement truck was distracted, reading his paperwork while driving 50 miles per hour. He ran into the back of her vehicle while she was waiting to turn, driving her Volkswagon Jetta into a utility pole.

Because of the accident, Christensen’s client had to have 3 back surgeries fusing her spine, a hip fusion surgery, and a shoulder surgery. She now has a collection of screws and plates in her spine that cause her constant pain. She also suffered from a very significant traumatic brain injury (TBI). Now she won’t be able to work again or live independently.

After 8 days of trial, the Wayne County jury compensated the injured driver by awarding her damages for lost wages, pain, and suffering.

Nothing the jury did will restore our client’s health, but the money the jury awarded will ensure she has the best medical and professional care. Financial concerns will not stand in the way of her rehabilitation anymore. With Christensen Law’s help, our client can now focus on healing and adjusting to her new circumstances without fear of the cost. The verdict totaled $17,810,734.00.

If you or someone you love has been in a serious car accident, contacting an expert in No-Fault law early can be the difference between top-notch rehabilitative care and a pile of unpaid medical bills. Especially when brain injury is involved, you need a lawyer who understands the client, the injury, and the legal system. Every case is different, but if you need a lawyer with a proven track record in the court, contact Christensen Law for a consultation today.