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Our philosophy of listening, protecting, and winning applies not only to our clients, but also to everyone we encounter, and especially to those in the communities where we work. These principles guide our daily efforts, providing a solid foundation for well-being and service.

While our social responsibility focus varies, it remains grounded in elevating the welfare of our society and our greater environment. We’re committed to supporting local businesses, assistance organizations, and those in critical need in our communities. We encourage our team members to not only participate in company-led initiatives, but also to take the time for service that may be meaningful to them personally.


Throughout the year, we work to help those who need it most, from children without families to those who are food or housing insecure, from facilities for artists with disabilities to the responsible development of the built environment in which we all live.

Christensen Law Community Involvement

We've partnered with several local charitable and community organizations, strenghening our commitment to protecting and caring for others within our reach.
Christensen Law Paralegal Stacey Schoenfeld

PARALEGAL STACEY SCHOENFELD CELEBRATES 4-YEAR ANNIVERSARY Stacey came to CLAW on attorney Tom Economy’s recommendation, as they had worked together previously at a large local firm. With 34 years of experience in personal injury law, she brings significant value as a paralegal, notary public, and member of the State Bar…

Today, we are celebrating the women of CLAW – “Sisters Doin It for Themselves” International Women’s Day was created to celebrate all things women and their achievements across the continents — focusing on the contributions they’ve made to social, economic, cultural, and political advancements.  And at Christensen Law, our team…

Michigan Lawyers Weekly Announces Hall of Fame Winners “21 for 21.” This special award recognizes esteemed members of the legal profession who have been in practice for at least 30 years or have reached the age of 60 or older. These lawyers truly are legends, making their mark in the…

David and Leslie Christensen on 7th Anniversary of the firm

Detroit area personal injury trial attorneys Christensen Law are celebrating the 7th anniversary of the firm’s founding. It has been 7 years since the launch. Recently, the original five employees sat down to reminisce about the early days, what progress has looked like, and what they are looking forward to…

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