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Our philosophy of listening, protecting, and winning applies not only to our clients, but also to everyone we encounter, and especially to those in the communities where we work. These principles guide our daily efforts, providing a solid foundation for well-being and service.

While our social responsibility focus varies, it remains grounded in elevating the welfare of our society and our greater environment. We’re committed to supporting local businesses, assistance organizations, and those in critical need in our communities. We encourage our team members to not only participate in company-led initiatives, but also to take the time for service that may be meaningful to them personally.


Throughout the year, we work to help those who need it most, from children without families to those who are food or housing insecure, from facilities for artists with disabilities to the responsible development of the built environment in which we all live.

Christensen Law Community Involvement

We've partnered with several local charitable and community organizations, strenghening our commitment to protecting and caring for others within our reach.
Lori Freeman Legal Assistant Christensen Law 2021

Join us in celebrating Legal Assistant Lori Freeman’s 4-year anniversary with Christensen Law! The definition of reliable, Lori’s steadfast commitment to our firm is ever-present in the high quality work she produces. In her role as an assistant to attorney Dustin Hoff, she manages provider suits and takes pride in…

Christensen Law Sarah Stempky-Kime 2021

Get to Know Christensen Law – Sarah Stempky-Kime 2021 is a personal milestone for Sarah Stempky-Kime. Marking 12 years of legal service, Sarah has worked with founder Dave Christensen since her early days as law a clerk. On Joining CL “I had been working with Dave for five years, and…

Christensen Law Legal Assitant Kecha Hayes

We are thrilled to celebrate the 4-year anniversary of Legal Assistant Lakecha (“Kecha”) Hayes joining the CLAW team! An extremely hard-working and fun-loving single mom of 2 active boys, Kecha tackles her work-life balance with a special brand of humor that we all love and appreciate. We can always count…

Walk into most businesses and you are met with a predictable display of benign corporate framings, often selected for their ability to coordinate and blend into passive existence. Not so at Detroit area personal injury attorneys Christensen Law. In all their offices, visitors are met with bold and bright original…

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