David Christensen Featured as Brain Injury Expert on ExpertBeacon

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Everyone needs an expert sometimes, and no one can specialize in everything. That’s why the website ExpertBeacon.com brings them together in one place. Now ExpertBeacon has added attorney David Christensen to its roster by featuring his new article on traumatic brain injury.

David Christensen, the owner and lead attorney here at Christensen Law, was featured recently on ExpertBeacon for his expertise in the area of traumatic brain injury. According to the website,

“ExpertBeacon was created to be the trusted destination, accessible from any device, that provides actionable expert advice for people facing a life challenge and connects them with local professionals who can help in their moment of greatest need.”

That is why it is such an honor for ExpertBeacon to recognize David Christensen as a brain injury expert by featuring his article. David is a recognized leader in this area of auto law. He has been representing the victims of brain injury accidents for years and has become a trusted name in the field.

Because of his expertise, David has been invited to lecture at dozens and dozens of seminars and workshops for other lawyers, including the Michigan Association for Justice’s annual No-Fault Institute. He was even distinguished as the Chair of the Negligence Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan in 2010 and 2011.

That is why David Christensen was a natural choice for ExpertBeacon when it came to finding a brain injury expert. His article, “Filing an auto-accident claim when there is a traumatic brain injury,” provides readers an easy to follow list of Do’s and Don’t’s in the event of an auto accident:


  • Seek Medical Treatment
  • Hire An Experienced Lawyer
  • Discuss Legal Fees
  • Provide Your Lawyer With Information


  • Wait To Consult A Lawyer
  • Be Your Own Lawyer
  • Worry About Medical Bills
  • Worry About Lost Income
  • Assume You Can’t Collect From Uninsured Drivers

You can find more details about these do’s and don’t’s on ExpertBeacon.com, and you can get more information about your no fault insurance and traumatic brain injury here on Christensen Law’s blog.

If you want an expert to help you or your loved one recover from a traumatic brain injury, contact Christensen Law in Southfield, Michigan today to schedule your free consultation. David Christensen and his team will take good care of you and fight for your expenses to be paid.