DeWitt Jogger Seriously Injured in Hit-and-Run Accident

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She called 9-1-1 saying she had broken her leg while running and didn’t know how. When the emergency responders got there, they found the 30-year-old DeWitt jogger had been seriously injured in an early morning hit-and-run accident. Find out how to keep that from happening to you.

Many devoted Michigan runners take to the roads every morning to meet their personal and fitness goals. With as busy as many people’s schedules are, those joggers are often running in the pre-dawn hours. That can lead to some dangerous pedestrian accident situations.

30 year old nurse, Amy Norris, was running on Airport Road in DeWitt between 6:00 and 6:30 a.m. She called 9-1-1 reporting that she had broken her leg while running. When the emergency responders got to the scene, they found something far worse. Norris had suffered from two skull fractures, two fractured vertebrae, a broken pelvis and hip, and two broken bones in her leg.

Police say the only explanation for Norris’s injuries is a hit-and-run accident. Norris couldn’t remember being hit at all. But officers found a broken antennae and skid marks on the road near her. The DeWitt Township Police are now looking for a vehicle with damage to the right front and passenger side.

“We’re hoping it’s not a cold, callous person who knows they hit a person,” [DeWitt police chief Brian Russell told the Lansing State Journal]. “We’re hoping it’s someone who thought they hit a deer.”

Norris’s husband, himself a firefighter and paramedic, agrees:

“Anybody who’s ever driven in the country has probably caught a squirrel or raccoon, and heard a thud, and looked back and didn’t see anything. . . . I would encourage anybody who experienced that (on Tuesday) to speak up.”

The DeWitt Township Police are also spreading the word to other joggers about how to avoid pedestrian accidents. Chief Russell says the biggest problem is jogger visibility:

“You need to be lit up, you need to be bright and I can’t stress that enough. . . . We have so many people that will call us and say, ‘I almost hit a jogger today because I didn’t see them’.”

He also provided several other tips for safe jogging:

  • Wear Reflective Gear Or Lights.
  • Keep A Cell Phone Handy In Case Of Emergencies.
  • Run With A Partner Or Friend.
  • Have Your ID And Emergency Contact Information On You.
  • Run On The Sidewalk Whenever Possible.
  • Run Against Traffic So You Can See Vehicles Coming.
  • Run With One Ear Open. If You Use Headphones, Only Use One So You Can Hear The Road.
  • Let Someone Know Your Route And Expected Return Time.

By making the extra effort to run safely, you can reduce the risk of a hit-and-run pedestrian accident, and complete your route in one piece.

David Christensen is a pedestrian injury accident attorney at Christensen Law in Southfield, Michigan. He represents joggers hit by cars against auto insurance companies and at-fault motorists. If you have been hit while running, contact Christensen Law today for a free consultation.