Driver Facing Nineteen Counts for Deadly Crash

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A twenty-one-year-old from Fenton is facing nineteen criminal charges, including five counts of second-degree murder, for the destruction he caused in a May 9 crash in Livingston County.

The two-vehicle crash, allegedly caused by a combination of operating while intoxicated and reckless speed, killed two passengers in the man’s own vehicle and three in the other car. The reckless driver, one passenger in his vehicle, and the driver of the second car were critically injured in the crash but survived.

If convicted on the most serious of the charges, the driver could face life in prison.

100 Mph, Intoxicated, Suspended License

The crash took place around 10:40 p.m. when Matthew Carrier drove through a stop sign on Argentine Road where it crosses East Highland Road (Michigan Route 59) near Howell. Michigan State Police reported that Carrier was going up to 100 miles per hour at the time and was later found to be driving on a suspended license.

Carrier’s vehicle struck another at the intersection, totaling it and rolling it onto its side. Carrier’s car caught fire in the crash.

Other drivers came upon the scene soon after and called 911, but little aid could be offered. The five victims died at the scene, while the survivors were transported to University Hospital in Ann Arbor.

Most Fatal Crashes Since 2007

To date, this is the worst crash in Michigan in 2017. But crashes have been on the rise here, as they’ve been across the country.

In 2016, after a 10 percent jump in 2015, Michigan topped 1,000 motor vehicle crash deaths for the first time in a decade, with 1,064. Nearly 80,000 people were seriously injured in more than 312,000 crashes across the state that year.

The increase has been attributed to numerous factors, including an improving economy and a rise in distracted driving. Despite the increases, these numbers are less than half of the historically worst year (1969, with 2,487 fatalities).

Some choose to see this as a sign that our roads are actually quite safe, but we don’t find any consolation in knowing that more than 1,000 of our fellow Michigan residents were killed on our roads in a single year.

Detroit Car Accident Lawyer

The extreme circumstances of this case convinced the judge to keep Carrier in jail. He was denied bond at the arraignment on July 12 and will be back in court toward the end of this month. But not all of those who cause serious car crashes are convicted, and even when they are, the law doesn’t automatically provide any compensation for victims.

It’s up to you to pursue a personal injury or wrongful death action against the responsible parties. If you or someone close to you has been the victim of a motor vehicle crash, turn to a firm with extensive and experienced Michigan car accident lawyers.

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