FDA Warns: Dietary Supplement Can't Treat A Concussion

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After a hard hit on the field or a fender bender on the road, you may be looking for any remedy you can find for your concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI). But the FDA urges you to skip the dietary supplement aisle.

Dietary Supplements Claim to Heal Concussions

In cases of mild TBI or concussions, many people are eager to “shake it off” and get back to work or play as quickly as possible. And now some dietary supplement companies are claiming their products can speed that process up.

One company targeted wounded veterans. Another employed an NFL player to testify to its product’s “proven results in my own recovery.” In a third, a “licensed trainer” said a the supplement was part of his “concussion management protocol.” Most of these dietary supplements claim that tumeric (a spice in the ginger family) and omega-3 fatty acids (like in fish oil) can aid in concussion recovery.

FDA Warns Against Dietary Supplements for Concussions

The FDA monitors the over 85,000 dietary supplements on the market. They have sent warning letters and required the dietary supplement companies to change their websites and labeling. Gary Coody, FDA’s National Health Fraud Coordinator, warned the public:

“As we continue to work on this problem, we can’t guarantee you won’t see a claim about TBIs. But we can promise you this: There is no dietary supplement that has been shown to prevent or treat them. If someone tells you otherwise, walk away.”

Even if the vitamins don’t do anything harmful, they could convince concussion sufferers that they are ready to resume activities before they are ready. If TBI sufferers resume strenuous activities too soon, they could be at higher risk of a second, more serious concussion. Repeat head injuries can add up causing permanent brain injury and disability.

Treating Concussions the Right Way

Concussions and other mild TBI need to be professionally treated as soon as possible. Even after the original diagnosis, concussion sufferers should be closely observed for physical, cognitive, and memory changes that could indicate continuing brain injury.

Brain injury can require rehabilitative treatments and therapy and should be done with a team of experts. When the injury is caused by a car accident, all these treatments can be paid for by the victim’s no-fault insurance provider.

But to make sure they do what they’re required to do by law, concussion patients should hire expert brain injury lawyers like the team at Christensen Law. David Christensen and his team will fight the insurance companies to make sure the victim gets the recovery he or she deserves. If you or someone you know has suffered a brain injury, contact Christensen Law for a free consultation.