What It Feels Like to Have a Traumatic Brain Injury

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Every day can be a challenge for the victims of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Between the medical bills, rehabilitation appointments, and the victims’ seemingly erratic behavior, caregivers can have their hands full. It can help to better understand what is going on in your family member’s head.

Doctor Diane Grimard Wilson has provided a rare opportunity to do just that. A psychotherapist and neurofeedback specialist who was a survivor of TBI herself, Wilson has written an opinion article that helps to describe what happens inside the head of a traumatic brain injury victim. Wilson survived a car accident in 2005 that resulted in a moderate concussion. The effect on her brain was much bigger than she originally thought.

“During that time and after, I regularly saw physicians and other health-care professionals. No one seemed to connect my dizziness, emotional roller-coaster, and the trouble I had focusing, organizing, and getting back to my life. Before the accident, I had written a book, been on TV and radio and had done countless book signings. After the October accident, I read my Christmas cards in February and couldn’t keep track of my wallet.”

Her story is not uncommon. Many people suffering, particularly from mild forms of TBI, go undiagnosed even by highly trained health professionals. She describes what life looks like to the victim of a traumatic brain injury:

“They often turn inward and make their world very small, withdrawing from friends and family. Life feels too complicated, and their self-esteem takes a beating. They look at life from the outside, wondering if they will ever feel normal again. They see doctor after doctor who can’t help or tell them what’s wrong.”

Dr. Wilson’s story has a happy ending. A friend and neuropsychologist recognized her symptoms and sent her for testing and treatment. But not everyone has such talented friends.

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