Special Dangers of Holiday Travel

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Christmas is two short days away. Many Michigan residents have already hit the road to visit family and friends. But the holidays bring with them special dangers. Find out how to keep your holidays happy with these top Christmas safety tips.

The holidays bring with them questionable weather, increased traffic, and unusual driving situations, each of which can create special dangers on the road. Before you hit the highway for your holiday visits, take an extra moment to stay safe.

Watch Out for Falling Christmas Trees

As your neighbors scramble to decorate for Christmas, you have already started to see Christmas trees strapped to the roofs of cars. Unless they are secured properly, transporting Christmas trees can pose a danger to the motorists around you. Higher speeds can strain the twine most Christmas tree lots use to tie down the tree. If one should break, it could cause a serious traffic accident. If you are transporting a last-minute Christmas tree, take the extra time to stay off the highway. Sticking to slower-moving surface streets will protect you and your neighbors from the special danger of falling Christmas trees.

Plan Ahead for Unsafe Weather

The holidays always pit drivers against the risk of unsafe weather. While a wet Christmas seems to be in store for Michigan, you never know when that rain could turn to ice after dark. Stay safe this holiday season. Sign up for weather alerts on your smartphone and be prepared to stay longer if the weather turns grim. Nothing will ruin your holiday cheer more than a car accident caused by unsafe weather conditions.

Packed Cars and Impaired Vision

When you are piling all the kids and their presents into the car to visit relatives, space can be at a premium. You may be inclined to stack those delicately wrapped Christmas presents to the ceiling of your SUV to leave more space for passengers. But that can be dangerous. When you block your rear-view mirror it can drastically reduce your ability to respond to unexpected traffic incidents behind you. Stacked luggage can also be precarious, posing the risk of toppling over and distracting the driver. Make sure all your packages are securely stowed and your sight lines are clear. Otherwise you run the risk of being rear-ended and cutting your Christmas celebration short.

The holidays pose special dangers to Michigan drivers taking to the roads to celebrate with family and friends. Don’t add to the risks. Safely secure your Christmas tree and packages, and plan ahead to avoid unsafe weather conditions. That way you and your family can fully enjoy the holiday season without worry.

The team at Christensen Law wishes all of its clients and readers a happy and safe holiday season. But if the New Year brings an auto accident with it, the top-ranked auto accident attorneys will be here to help you get the recovery you need. If you or someone you know has been injured in a serious auto accident, contact Christensen Law today for a free consultation.