Headaches After Car Accidents

“It’s just a headache,” you say. Many Americans have trained themselves to ignore the pain caused by migraines, stress, or chronic bad posture. But when you start to have headaches after car accidents, it could be a big deal.

Headaches After Car Accidents As a Sign of Traumatic Brain Injury

Sometimes a simple but recurring headache is a sign that there is swelling in your brain. Traumatic brain injury, also called a closed head injury, often doesn’t have a lot of visible symptoms. That means that sometimes it will go unnoticed in your initial post-accident treatment. In other cases, decreased blood flow can cause secondary injury, and symptoms develop over time. Many emergency departments routinely do TBI screenings when a patient comes in after a car accident. But if your headaches develop later, it could mean it is time to schedule a follow-up with your doctor.

The Worst Headache of Your Life

A strong, sudden headache is sometimes be a sign of a particular kind of stroke that can happen after a car accident. When a person suffers a brain injury, it can cause tears in the arteries that feed blood to the brain. In the days that follow, strong headaches can be signs of small blood clots breaking loose from the tear and hitting the brain. If this happens, seek immediate emergency medical treatment. The longer you wait, the worse the long-term consequences of this headache could be.

Chronic Headaches After Car Crashes and Spinal Injuries

If you feel like nothing you do will make your headache go away, it could mean that you have a bigger problem than you thought. Poor alignment in your neck and upper spine can cause persistent headaches now, and cause permanent disability if not properly treated. If your headache won’t go away, talk to your physician or a chiropractor to find out if the problem is coming up from your neck.

Headaches after auto accidents aren’t something to be ignored or lived through. They are often an outward sign of significant problems in the central nervous system. If you have been in a car accident and are experiencing serious or repeated headaches, tell your doctor right away. It keep you from much more serious disability.

At Christensen Law, we know how debilitating headaches can be. We understand that chronic headaches can disrupt your daily living, and be signs of bigger problems later on. If you are suffering chronic headaches after a car accident, contact Christensen Law today for a free consultation.