Infographic: Distracted Driving

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Are you guilty of distracted driving? Most drivers are. Get the facts on this dangerous driving habit and commit to put the phone down.

You are driving along the highway when suddenly your phone rings, you get a text message, or your infant child starts crying in the back seat. Suddenly, you become a distracted driver. Whether you wanted to be or not, your attention is taken off the road, increasing your chances of a serious car accident.

Distracted driving includes any time something inside your car distracts you from paying attention to the road around you. There are three types of distractions that can affect you while you are driving:

  • Visual Distractions: Activities That Take Your Eyes Off The Road;
  • Manual Distractions: Activities That Take Your Hands Off The Wheel; And
  • Cognitive Distractions: Activities That Take Your Mind Off Driving.

Some activities, like texting while driving, can cover all three categories. These are the most dangerous activities and should be avoided any time you are behind the wheel.

The five most common forms of distracted driving are:

  • Using Your Smartphone;
  • Eating Or Drinking;
  • Adjusting Radio Or Temperature Controls;
  • Other Passengers; And
  • Driving On Auto-Pilot.

Eating, drinking, and adjusting settings in your car take your hands off the wheel and may require you to look away from the road from time to time. Passengers can be cognitively distracting when the conversation in the car takes your mind off the action of driving. The same is true with going on auto-pilot.

Texting while driving or talking on your hand-held smart phone cover all three categories. You need to look at your phone to find buttons. You have to take at least one hand off the wheel to hold and use the phone. And you have to think about the text or phone conversation, distracting you from the process of driving.

And yet, 71% of drivers admit to using their cell phone while driving. 60% admit to texting while driving – which is illegal in Michigan. All together, over 1.3 million accidents can be traced to phone-related distracted driving each year.

Don’t become part of the statistic. Pledge now to put the phone away. Say no to distracted driving by putting the phone away and minimizing other distractions. It could save your life.

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