Lauren Ingram

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Lauren Ingram Legal Assistant

Legal Assistant, Medical Provider Team

Lauren Ingram is a Legal Assistant on the Medical Provider Team at Christensen Law in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She makes sure that the firm’s medical provider clients are taken care of, and their lawsuits proceed on schedule.

Ingram is a resident of Royal Oak, Michigan. When she’s not working on medical provider lawsuits, she enjoys playing basketball. Lauren’s commitment to teamwork comes through in the work she does at Christensen Law:

“I love getting the opportunity to work with a team, that I can learn a lot from.”

That’s what makes Lauren such a key part of the medical provider team. Together with Associate Attorney Dustin C. Hoff, Legal Assistant Courtney Hedler, and Legal Assistant Kimberly Martin, Lauren works hard to give each billing claim the attention it needs.

Lauren Ingram and the other legal assistants at Christensen Law are there to make sure everything goes smoothly for your case. They are available to clients by telephone or email to answer any questions about the process and to help them complete discovery requests or gather information. If your doctor or hospital has retained Christensen Law, Lauren may be the one helping you understand the procedures that stand between you and collecting your fees.

The staff at Christensen Law, including Medical Provider Legal Assistant Lauren Ingram, are here to give your medical facility the help you need to collect your medical fees from no-fault auto insurance providers. If you need help filing or collecting on your claims, contact Christensen Law for a free initial consultation.

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