Local Accident Reminds Riders of Need for Motorcycle Safety

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An 18 year old boy in Oxford Township was seriously injured in a recent motorcycle accident after doing a “wheelie” and losing his helmet. The crash is a cautionary tale in motorcycle safety.

The young man was doing “wheelies” in his driveway when he lost control, struck a parked car, and was thrown from his bike. He lost his helmet on the way down an struck his head on the concrete. He was taken to a local hospital with serious head trauma.

The story is a grim reminder of the need for increased motorcycle safety. Michigan offers public and private sponsored classes across the state. You can also get a cycle endorsement on your license by taking a rider skills test or completing a safety training course. These trainings teach you how to be a safe and responsible motorcyclist and greatly reduce the chance of being in an accident.

The Michigan State Police have also provided a list of safety tips for cyclists:

  • Keep Their Headlights On At All Times To Increase The Chances Of Being Seen By Other Drivers.
  • Wear Protective Clothing, Including A Department Of Transportation (DOT) Approved Crash Helmet And Protective Eyewear.
  • Practice Defensive Riding Techniques To Avoid Or Minimize The Severity Of A Crash; Don’t Expect The Other Motorist Will See You.
  • Watch For Animals In Your Path, Especially At Night.

There were over 3,000 motorcycle accidents in Michigan in 2013. Over half of those accidents involved a serious injury and 127 were fatal. And it appears the accidents are growing more serious in the wake of Michigan’s 2012 repeal of the mandatory helmet law.

To keep from becoming a statistic, riders are encouraged to complete the state-offered safety training courses and get their endorsements. The need for responsible riding, including wearing appropriate safety gear and helmets, cannot be overstated. Accidents will happen, but being a safe rider could significantly reduce the chance of a serious accident.

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