Suing for School Abuse in Mercer County, Ohio

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When you have a child in school, it’s important to remain aware of their behavior and pick up on any pattern changes. Although children develop and grow over time, shifts in personality and demeanor could be signs of a more serious issue. An abused child likely won’t come forward about what they’re experiencing, so as a parent, you must know the signs of child abuse.

If you suspect that someone at your child’s school is abusing them, you must take immediate steps to address the situation if you hope to prevent further abuse from occurring. A Mercer County school abuse lawyer from Christensen Law can assist you with investigating the incident and suing the assailant or the school, if necessary.

Reach Out to the Mercer County School Board

The first step you must take after suspecting abuse is to contact the Mercer County school board. You can set up a meeting with the principal of the school and any head administrators from the board to discuss the matter and determine the appropriate next steps. If a teacher or coach committed the abuse, the school should question that employee immediately.

Investigate the Abusive Situation

Once you contact the school board, it should set up a formal investigation to determine whether abuse has occurred. Not only will the board interview the accused employee, but it will also speak to other employees, students, and parents to compare experiences.

The school may gather evidence such as video footage to help obtain details on what occurred. It can also be helpful to have your child speak to a therapist so they can discuss their personal experience regarding the abuse.

Consult a Mercer County School Abuse Attorney

If it’s determined that abuse has occurred, the school board will likely fire the employee in question. The school board may press criminal charges against the employee depending on the severity of the matter. You may sue both the abuser and the school board in civil court if you choose. A Mercer County school abuse lawyer from Christensen Law can help you with your case.

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