Michigan Adds Bike and Motorcycle Safety to Driver’s Ed

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After five years of effort, the family of Nathan Bower has convinced lawmakers to add bike and motorcycle safety instruction to the state’s driver’s ed requirements. The classroom instruction will teach new drivers and how to share the road with bikers and cyclists and prevent bike accidents.

Five years ago, Nathan Bower was killed in a motorcycle accident in Brown City, Michigan. Since then, his family has been working with the legislature to pass “Nathan’s Law,” now called the Nathan Bower Act, to help prevent what happened to him from happening to others.

The law was proposed four years later on May 5, 2013 by Lisa Cook-Gordon. In fact, 89 out 110 Michigan representatives co-sponsored the bill. Among them, Representative Terry Brown from Pigeon championed the act and got the support it needed to have it passed into law. Finally, on Nathan’s 25th birthday, October 14, the Governor signed the bill, and bike and motorcycle safety became the law in Michigan.

The new statute says:

Classroom instruction shall include information concerning the laws pertaining to bicycles and motorcycles and shall emphasize awareness of their operation on the streets, roads, and highways of this state.

Adding this requirement to the state’s driver’s education will make student drivers more aware of bicycles and motorcycles. This in turn will help prevent serious and often fatal accidents with bikers of all varieties.

John Lindenmayer of the League of Michigan Bicyclists called the law a “great first step in making Michigan roads safer.” With more bikes on the roads, especially in urban areas, new drivers need to know to be alert. This instruction will teach them to be alert and to share the road.

Drivers young and old need to be more careful when bicyclists and motorcycles are on the road with them. Accidents with these smaller vehicles can often be tragic. But no matter how much training drivers receive, some accidents are unavoidable.

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