Michigan Doctors Oppose D-Insurance

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The debate over Mayor Mike Duggan’s D-Insurance bill is heating up. It appears that the state Senate may soon vote on the bill, and now Michigan doctors are stepping up to voice their opposition to the bill.

The Michigan Health & Hospital Association, which includes the Detroit Medical Center and most other healthcare facilities across the state, is publicly opposed Mayor Mike Duggan’s D-Insurance bill. They recently launched a new website NoDInsurance.com to help inform citizens and city advocates why the bill is bad for the City of Detroit. The page says:

  • Detroiters deserve coverage that is fair and equal. Lawmakers should consider doing the following, which would lead to more affordable options for drivers across Michigan:
  • Developing Statewide, Comprehensive Insurance Reforms So That Everyone Realizes A Cost Savings Without A Reduction In Coverage And Care
  • Addressing Real Contributing Factors To High Premiums Like Waste And Fraud
  • Eliminating ZIP Code-Based Scores, Occupations, Education Levels And Credit Scores As Factors In Determining Auto Insurance Premiums

The doctors advocate for real changes that protect Detroit drivers, rather than a compromised policy that only benefits insurance providers.

They correctly note that Senate Bill 288 does nothing to guarantee Detroiters will pay reduced premiums in exchange for drastically reduced coverage. Under the bill, a motorist’s D-Insurance policy will only cover the first $25,000 of non-emergency services per incident. This could bankrupt families who were riding together at the time of an accident.

NoD-Insurance.com lists medical providers among the losers under the bill. Doctors and hospitals will find it much harder to collect billing for D-Insurance policy holders. The bill also proposes fee schedules like those used in Medicaid or Workers’ Compensation without any of the protections of a shortened litigation process.

What Detroit and Michigan motorists need is real comprehensive reform that looks at the root of the problem, rather than creating scapegoats. The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association already relieves auto insurance providers from the burden of the most seriously injured motorists. That means their costs are essentially capped already.

Insurance companies in support of D-Insurance keep claiming that the high cost of medical care is what is causing Detroit’s uninsured motorist problem. But the MHHA takes the position that unlimited no-fault benefits are not the cause of Detroit’s high auto insurance premiums. Some commentators disagree, but even they cannot explain why Detroit policy rates are so much higher than neighboring communities which also receive the same unlimited PIP coverage.

Attorney David Christensen, an auto accident attorney with over 20 years’ experience, stands with the doctors against the auto insurance industry and D-Insurance. The bill is bad for Detroit, bad for doctors, and bad for Michigan. If you have been the victim of an auto accident, contact Christensen Law for a free initial consultation.