Michigan: The Land of Safe Drivers?

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If someone asked you where safe drivers are, would you think of Michigan? Maybe not. But according to a national study, the state is one of the safest places to drive.

A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ranked all 50 states based on the safety of its drivers. The study compared:

  • Fatalities Rate Per 100 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled
  • Failure To Obey (Percentage Of Fatal Crashes That Involved Traffic Signals, Not Wearing Seat Belts, And Driving With An Invalid Driver License)
  • Drunk Driving (Percentage Of Fatal Crashes That Involved Alcohol)
  • Speeding (Percentage Of Driving Fatalities That Were Speed-Related)
  • Careless Driving (Pedestrian & Bicyclist Fatalities Per 100,000 Population)

Among all fifty states, Michigan was Number 6, making Michiganders solidly among the top ten safe drivers in the US.

The good news across the country is that fatal car crashes in total were down 3.1% in 2013 (the last year collected) – a total of 32,719 nationwide. Of those accidents, 947 happened here in Michigan.

The state also ranked very well in the “Failure to Obey” category, which includes everything from traffic signals to driving without a driver’s license. This is one of the controllable categories, which means that Michiganders are conscientious drivers.

But Michigan’s worst category is controllable too. The only category where the state ranked in the bottom half of safe states is in careless driving. The state didn’t do so well at drunk driving either. Of the fatal accidents, 28% involved alcohol. To keep this state the home of safe drivers, drivers and legislators should focus on those controllable factors to keep fatalities low.

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