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It is devastating to suspect or ultimately discover that your child has been hurt or abused in public school, a place that you have entrusted with your little one’s education and well-being for the duration of every school day. The rage, betrayal, and horror you feel are natural reactions, and you are not alone in wanting the teacher, administrator, or school employee to pay for their actions.

How to Sue a Michigan Public School for Child Abuse

There may be grounds for a federal lawsuit against a Michigan public school, its administrators, and the abusive employee for mistreating your child. Depending on the nature of the harm inflicted on your child, criminal charges may also be involved.

A child abuse case against a school, however, is not easy to tackle. Government employees – whether a superintendent, principal, teacher, or other school employee – are protected by a legal shield called “governmental immunity.” This defense is a barrier that protects state employees from getting sued for doing their job. In order to be compensated for your child’s injuries – emotional, physical, sexual, or otherwise – you will have to prove that the school was “grossly negligent” in preventing the abuse and inadequately responded to your student’s injuries.

In order to successfully prove that the school district in which your child attends school is responsible for causing your child’s injury or abuse, you need an attorney with a proven background in the field of handling school child abuse cases. Christensen Law in Southfield, Michigan, has a track record of success in cases against the public school system. For over 20 years, Michigan public school child abuse lawyer David Christensen has been defending child abuse victims and their families against the protected public school systems and helping them get the recovery they deserve.

How You Can Keep Your Child Safe at School

Predators prey on the weak, and school children who are quieter or whose parents are not overly involved may be targeted by abusers. The preschool years are formative years, and very important in a child’s education – not only do you want them to build a strong foundation to prepare them for the rest of their school years, but you want to know that your child is in good hands when they’re not with you.

There are steps you can take as a parent to help safeguard your child’s well-being at a private preschool:

  • Go online: Visit Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) which maintains a list of all licensed preschools in the state. LARA also keeps a list of preschools that have lost their license.
  • Do your homework: Once you have narrowed down your preschool choices, visit the schools. Meet the teacher who will be handling your child every day. Meet any aides who could be in the classroom. Speak with the director and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Be an involved parent: When your child is finally enrolled in preschool, this isn’t the time for you to breathe, it’s the time for you to be on alert. Get involved in your child’s education. Communicate regularly and openly with the teacher so they know that you are involved and that you care. Visit the classroom whenever possible. Voice any questions or concerns you have early and often.

These efforts by a parent will help safeguard your child’s experience in preschool, and help make him or her happier, healthier, and eager to learn.

If your child has moved beyond preschool, these tips for preserving your child’s safety in school still apply. Make your presence known, show that you are an alert, involved, and interested parent who is paying attention to their child’s happiness in school. And let it be clear that you will not hesitate for a moment to investigate any disturbing occurrences at school that affect your child.

Selecting a Safe Preschool in Michigan

Christensen Law is one of the only law firms in the state of Michigan to represent children who have been victims of public school child abuse.

Keeping Your Child Safe at Preschool

What to Do If You Suspect Abuse at Your Child’s School

If you suspect that your child has been injured or abused at school in any way, directly address the school personnel and ask the hard questions. School administrators have the legal duty to inform every parent whenever a child has experienced an adverse situation or have been injured or abused in any way. If you feel like the school is withholding information from you, they may have some liability. And that’s when it’s critical to get legal advice so that you can find out exactly what’s happening with your child’s welfare.

Hire an Experienced Attorney to Handle Your Public School Child Abuse Case

David Christensen has been protecting the rights of Michigan children for over 20 years. Child abuse cases – whether physical, sexual, emotional, or otherwise – are very difficult cases and it is important that they be handled by an experienced Michigan public school child abuse lawyer who has proven success in this area of the law. Proving a case against a public school is no ordinary case. There are deep issues of governmental immunity that protects the people who run our schools – child abuse cases against schools must be handled delicately and with great care. If you believe that something untoward has happened at your child’s school and against your child, callDetroit school abuse lawyer who has experience in this area of the law

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