Michigan Senate Votes to Expand Brain Injury Services

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The Michigan state senate has approved a bill that, if passed by the house, will create a dedicated Michigan Brain Injury Services and Prevention Council. This council is an expansion of the TBI Services and Prevention Council created in 2005. It will provide advice to the Department of Human Services to provide quality comprehensive care to victims of “acquired brain injury.”

This is an expansion of the existing council’s duties. Acquired brain injury (ABI) includes traumatic brain injury (TBI), as well as internal brain injuries, but it does not include birth defects, hereditary conditions, or congenital or degenerative brain defects. It also does not include birth trauma. This redefinition will allow the council to address individuals whose condition cannot be traditionally categorized as TBI, but still are in need of substantial services.

The new council will include representatives of:

  • ABI Survivors And Their Families,
  • Treatment Providers,
  • Consumer Advocates,
  • Local Service Agencies,
  • State Brain Injury Associations,
  • Veterans’ Service Providers,
  • Children’s Service Providers, And
  • Representatives Of Minorities And Geographic Regions.

The council will also include representatives of various divisions of the Department of Human Services.

The council’s job will be to create a “comprehensive statewide plan to address the needs of individuals with ABI.” It will collaborate with the Department to create an information and referral network including private entities and public-private partnerships. It will recommend ways to improve provider training and coordination of services, policies, programs, and services. All together, it will be charged with improving statewide treatment availability and quality for sufferers of ABI.

But before this bill will become law it has to get through the Michigan House of Representatives, which could be difficult. If you believe that ABI sufferers need better, more comprehensive care, contact your representative today and tell them to vote in favor of the Michigan Brain Injury Law.