What You Need to Know If Your Car Flooded

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Metro Detroit was rocked with record-setting rains this week, washing out roads, destroying basements, and stranding motorists. Here are some things you need to know if you found your car flooded this week.

Comprehensive Coverage Includes Flooding

If you have optional comprehensive coverage added on to your no-fault auto insurance, the costs to repair your flooded vehicle could be covered. This is optional coverage, so make sure to ask your insurance agent whether it is included in your policy. Standard no-fault insurance does not apply to natural damages, only to collisions, so you have to have more than the bare minimum coverage.

Call in Your Claim Early

Contact your insurance provider right away to start a claim for your vehicle. That way you’ll get ahead of the line and can get your money back faster. Your insurance company can also give you information about mechanics and body shops that can help you get up and rolling as soon as possible.

Don’t Jump Your Battery

When you drive your car through deep water, it can get sucked up into your air intake and stall your engine. But that doesn’t mean you need a jump. Instead you need to get your vehicle to a mechanic right away. Sometimes all you need is new spark plugs, but others you’ll have to replace the whole engine.

Take Pictures

If possible, take pictures of the car, the road around it, and the conditions before you move the vehicle. This can help prove the cause of the damage and can make it easier to get money for your claim.

A flood can turn your life upside down. If your car floods it can make it difficult to get around and get everything cleaned up. Make sure to get your car insurance company involved so you can save time and money and make the most of your comprehensive car insurance. If your insurance company has wrongfully refused you coverage, contact the no-fault auto experts at Christensen Law. They will sit down with you to help you get back on your feet.