New Tool Released to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury

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A brain wellness company named NeuroTrax recently announced the release of a new treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The new tool, called BrainCare, could help doctors track changes in the patient’s brain, helping them see which treatments work best.

BrainCare produces an individualized patient assessment, giving doctors a standardized way to measure changes in cognitive ability and psychosocial ability. The test covers memory, mood, nervousness, attention, verbal functioning, executive function (used in planning and organizing), problem solving, and visual-spatial perception. It tracks changes in the brain that measure progress toward regaining lost function.

According to CEO Robert Pepper, “Since no two brain injuries are the same, it’s important that patients have access to personalized cognitive assessments and fitness activities to advance their brain wellness. Our vision for BrainCare is to establish a standardized process in assessing and supporting brain wellness.”

It is that individualized aspect of the injury that can make it so difficult to diagnose, treat, and deal with as a patient. Even when patients are subjected to very similar accidents, the secondary injuries caused by swelling in the brain can be very different. That is what makes early treatment by a brain specialist so important in closed head injury cases.

Increased awareness around head injuries has led to significant improvements in diagnosis and treatment of TBI. But if you have suffered from a head injury, particularly as the result of an auto accident or motorcycle crash, it is very important that you get the right professionals on your side.

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