No-Fault Auto Insurance Settlement

My No-Fault Auto Insurance Case Settled, Now What?

No-Fault Auto Insurance Settlement; whether you agree to accept a case evaluation or negotiate a deal at mediation, most no-fault auto insurance cases end in settlement. What happens once everyone agrees on a number? When will you actually see the money?

A settlement can be a good way to end a no-fault auto insurance case. But once everyone agrees on a number, it’s still not time to say goodbye to your attorney quite yet.

Signing a Settlement Agreement & Waiver

Once everyone reaches an agreement, your auto accident attorney and the other lawyers may write everything up in a Settlement Agreement. (This may not be necessary if you are accepting case evaluation awards). This contract will include terms of payment and lay out any promises to do something made by either side.

You may also be asked to sign a waiver of further claims. This means that you, the policy holder, agree to accept the money offered in full satisfaction of all your insurance claims to date. While you may be entitled to additional no-fault benefits for new medical treatments that happen after the case resolves, you will not be able to raise existing issues or bills in future lawsuits.

Your auto accident attorney will review this waiver carefully to make sure your future needs are protected. He or she may also require added terms to protect you against lawsuits from your medical providers if your settlement won’t cover all of your medical expenses. Make sure you understand all the terms of the waiver before you sign it. Otherwise you may give up rights you didn’t know you had.

Entering a Consent Judgment or Dismissal

Next, the case must be closed in court. You or your attorney may need to sign a Consent Judgment or Voluntary Dismissal, which tells the court you have reached a deal, and how much you should receive. This consent judgment is enforceable, so if an insurance company or third party defendant refuses to pay, your attorney can start collections proceedings to get your money.

Paying Attorney Fees & Medical Provider Liens

The insurance company will issue your check to you and your lawyer. The law firm will usually deposit the check into its trust account while all the bills are reviewed and distributed. If any doctors or creditors have liens on your award, they will be paid first. Next, your contingency attorney fee and expert witness fees will be paid. Then the rest goes toward your outstanding medical bills and attendant care costs. Whatever is left goes back to you.

Resolving a settlement in a no-fault auto insurance case can take some time and a lot of paper. Be patient and make sure you talk to the auto accident attorneys at Christensen Law so you can understand what is happening every step of the way. They will make sure your bills are paid and you get the money you need to move on after your auto accident case.