One Week Left for the Christensen Law Distracted Driving Awareness Scholarship

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Would you pledge to put the phone away if it meant money for college? Could you write an essay about how distracted driving has changed your life? Christensen Law wants to help stop distracted driving by offering a scholarship to one lucky applicant who sees the danger of taking their eyes and mind off the road.

A distracted driving accident can change your life in the time it takes to send a tweet. The number of distracted driving accidents happening in America is climbing at an alarming rate. In 2013, more than 424,000 people were injured because of a distracted driver – up 10% in only 2 years.

Fighting Against Distracted Driving Accidents

Distracted driving takes many forms. Anything that takes your hands off the wheel, or your eyes or mind off the road ahead of you could increase the risk of a crash. Some common causes of distraction are:

  • Talking To Passengers;
  • Eating Or Drinking;
  • Using In-Car Features Like The Radio Or GPS Navigation;
  • Grooming;
  • Using A Cell Phone For Calls Or Texts.

Younger drivers are the most likely to text and drive. 38% of all fatal distracted driving accidents were caused by drivers in their 20s. Even though texting and driving is illegal in Michigan, most younger drivers admit to using their phones while on the road.

Distracted Driving Awareness Scholarship Opportunity

Christensen Law wants to put a stop to this dangerous trend. We have seen the effect distracted driving accidents have on our clients and their families. We represent car crash victims, many of whom were in distracted driving accidents. We know how one quick text can change a life.

That’s why we are offering a $2,500 scholarship to college students willing to write an essay about the dangers of distracted driving. The competition is open to anyone in the United States who is enrolled in a college or university, no matter what the major or institution.

Applicants must complete a Distracted Driving Awareness Scholarship Application and write an original essay of approximately 1,800-2,000 words about how distracted driving has impacted their lives. You might want to include:

  • A Story About Someone You Know Who Was Hurt In A Distracted Driving Collision;
  • A Report On Volunteer Work You’ve Done For One Of The Many National Distracted Driving Campaigns;
  • An Article About The Effects Of Distracted Driving; Or
  • A Fictional Story About Distracted Driving.

Be creative! But don’t be late. All submissions are due one week from today on July 15, 2016. You can email your application and essay to or mail the packet to:

Christensen Law
Attn: Distracted Driving Scholarship
25925 Telegraph Road, Suite 200
Southfield MI 48033

For more information, check out our Distracted Driving Awareness Scholarship webpage.

One essay will be chosen out of all the applicants based on quality and content. We will publish the winning article on our blog and social media channels. We will also pay $2,500 directly to your college or university. Don’t miss this opportunity. Make sure to get your application in by July 15, 2016.