Overloading, Lack of Seat Belts Factor into Multi-Vehicle Crash

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Every car crash is a tragedy, and the unfortunate truth is that most could have been prevented if it weren’t for the negligence of someone involved. While the details aren’t yet completely clear, such appears to be the case with a multiple-vehicle crash that happened over the weekend on I-75 in Detroit.

A Jeep Grand Cherokee was carrying a whopping eight passengers and driving southbound in the left lane of I-75 when it veered into the center lane and into a 2011 Ford Edge, which in turn hit a 1999 Ford van. The van’s driver was not able to maintain control of the vehicle, and it hit a 2015 GMC Terrain. Both the Jeep and the Terrain rolled as a result of their respective impact, and a 2017 Chevy Equinox also joined the pileup, although it’s not yet been determined which vehicle originally hit it.

Two Dead, Ten Injured

Sadly, the Jeep had more passengers than it did seats, which means that some of the occupants didn’t even have the option of using a seat belt. Not wearing a seat belt greatly increases the risk for injury in a crash, especially when the vehicle rolls as the Jeep did. Two of its passengers—Shelby Seyburn, age twenty-two, and Sydney Zaleski, age twenty-three—were not belted in and died during the collision.

Of the other vehicles, most were reported to have been wearing seat belts, and fortunately, there were no further fatalities. There were numerous injuries, however, as ten people were taken to area hospitals to receive medical treatment for a variety of injuries. While some of the injuries weren’t life-threatening, several are reported to have been serious.

Mistakes Made

While the accident is still under investigation and the police have yet to announce a definitive cause, the occupants of the Jeep reportedly claim that road rage played a role. The details are murky, but they seem to indicate that the reason for the Jeep losing control was the aggressive actions of a driver who did not stop for the collision. Police are requesting that any witnesses who can provide information contact them immediately.

While aggressive driving is certainly an act of gross negligence that causes numerous auto wrecks every year, it can’t be overstated how much the lack of seat belt use played a role in the injuries and deaths caused in this crash. Seat-belt use is vital for preventing injuries and deaths in collisions. In fact, more than half of fatal crash victims between the ages of twenty and forty-four in 2015 were not wearing a seat belt at the time of their accident.

Detroit Car Accident Lawyers

Fatal car accidents are all too common, and our sympathies go out to those who were injured or killed in the wreck this past weekend. While it’s an unfortunate truth, this particular crash will not be the last we see, and if you ever find yourself injured in a collision, we at Christensen Law will be standing by and ready to help you fight for compensation.

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