Pickup Hits Four and Kills One in Detroit

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Four pedestrians were hit by a pickup truck in Midtown Detroit earlier this month, just outside the headquarters of one of the city’s most popular retailers. One of those struck was not injured, but another of the victims, a seventy-three-year-old man, died from severe head injuries after reaching the hospital.

The other two victims were hospitalized with serious injuries. One was released within a day while the current state of the other has not been reported.

Driver Facing Serious Charges

The driver of the vehicle, later identified as a forty-two-year-old man from Inkster, is said by authorities to have been intoxicated at the time, although actual test results have not been made public. The morning after the June 8 crash, the Wayne County Prosecutor issued six charges against him, the most serious of which is “operating while intoxicated causing death.”

If found guilty on that charge, the offender faces up to fifteen years in prison; the maximum would jump to twenty years if his blood alcohol content is found to have exceeded 0.17 percent (more than double the legal threshold of 0.08 percent).

Crash Described as “Bizarre”

The victims were in the vicinity of a Tesla electric vehicle promotional event being hosted at the Shinola flagship store on West Canfield when the pickup, traveling at a high rate of speed on the other side of the street, crossed over and struck them.

Police say the truck continued on for a short distance before a passenger in the vehicle grabbed the wheel and forced the driver to stop. According to reports, the driver of the pickup was operating with a suspended license.

Pedestrians at Risk in the Motor City

Sadly, the victims of this crash are not alone. Detroit is a risky place to go on foot. Since at least 2013, in fact, a pedestrian in Detroit has had a higher risk of being killed in a collision with a motor vehicle than a pedestrian in any other major US city.

In 2015, the risk was more than four times greater than the national average and more than nine times greater than that of the safest large US city. The first half of 2016 brought a slight reduction for Michigan overall, but the larger national trend is sharply up, and Michigan is still likely to land in the top ten most dangerous states for pedestrians when the final data is in.

Detroit Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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