Planning for Summer Road Construction

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Whether you are planning a big summer road trip or minimizing your commute, an unexpected road construction zone can cramp your style. Big projects are already underway in the Metro-Detroit area, and others are just getting warmed up.

Oakland County

2015 promises to be a busy road construction season for Oakland County. The county Board of Commissioners granted a one-time appropriation of $2 million to repair potholes and deteriorating roads.

“We know that the residents of Oakland County are frustrated with the road conditions. We are all dodging potholes and driving on a crumbling road infrastructure on a daily basis. While this action will not fix all of our road problems, it is something that can have an immediate impact. Ultimately, the longer-term, sustainable fix needs to come from the legislature and we are hopeful that a solution will come forward soon” said Michael Gingell, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners.

The county has 16 road construction projects listed on its Road Commission website, including everything from resurfacing to installing roundabouts.

Macomb County

Traveling north in western Macomb County right now is also a challenge. The Macomb Daily reports:

“The reconstruction of 19 1/2 Mile Road, concrete repairs on Mound Road and ongoing work on Van Dyke between 15 Mile and 18 Mile roads are among the projects the Sterling Heights Department of Public Works will focus on in 2015.”

Work will also continue on the 2015 Local Road Concrete Reconstruction Program beginning in late May or early June.

Wayne County

Possibly the biggest road construction project in Wayne County is the installation of the Woodward light rail line. But while it may be the most disruptive – affecting local freeways and a main thoroughfare downtown – it is far from the only project on the calendar. Wayne County has at least 23 projects in the works for 2015, including bridge repairs, resurfacing, and upgrading traffic signals.

Avoiding Road Construction

The best way to avoid a road construction surprise is to plan your routes using the Michigan Department of Transportation’s Mi Drive tool. This interactive map can show you everything from major projects to minor incidents and can help you plan alternate routes to avoid delays. You can also see future road construction projects so you can be prepared ahead of time.

Avoid costly road construction accidents caused by reduced speed limits or unexpected entry of equipment onto the roadway, by simply not being there. But if you can’t avoid road construction, be sure to slow down and stay alert. It could save a life.

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